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 Shenmue Campaign (All Shenmue Fans Read)
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Joe Redifer

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Re:Shenmue Campaign (All Shenmue Fans Read) - Aug 28, 2008 04:15
You just did.

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Re:Shenmue Campaign (All Shenmue Fans Read) - Aug 28, 2008 05:25
Just drop it guys. If there's something constructive coming out of all of this, a new thread may as well be started.

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Re:Shenmue Campaign (All Shenmue Fans Read) - Aug 28, 2008 07:57
Why I posted here:
I'm the one who runs Shenmue Myspace Campaign, not anyone else.  I work closely with Shenmue Dojo and  It saddens me that this site is known for Shenmue connections thru Adam, yet so many people here get ruffled when you mention Shenmue.  Unfortunately I don't think many people check out the sites and rub it off as "the same old petition".  I assure you we are trying to do something different here.  We've taken notes from the Nights fan site that got Sega to bring Nights back, and we are stepping it up a notch for Shenmue's sake.  Like those fans of Nights, we have portfolios of info to send Sega, like the fans that sent peanuts for jericho, we plan to mass send Toy capsules.  We are even planning fun demostrations at game events... even cosplay.  You may see a Lucky hit board or two at next years E3.  We are continuing to grow, the fans are there, we even have the American voice actor of Ryo joining in, giving us interviews and adding his name to the campaign.  I really thought I would find more people here that would want to fight for this, thats why i posted here.  Even if it's just a few that post here, every person counts.  I'm sorry that some people argue so much they blur what either side of the fence is atempting to acomplish.  It reminds me when I posted here a year ago about starting the campaign, and your forum member felt a need to rip me apart...

The $70 million quote maybe wrong:
While browsing segawebs news archive a ShenmueDojo member came across this news piece dated Dec 26, 1999:

"Sega of Japan has announced its production budget for Shenmue. Itmight have been more cost-effective to make a motion picture! Accordingto Sega, Shenmue's budget will tally up in the neighborhood of 7billion yen! (That's around $69 million USD to you and me...the budgetof a decent action flick, though less than most blockbusters.) Panicnot! Of that total, Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka's share is only 3billion yes (or $29.5 USD). Of course, a large portion of those costsinclude the money spent to develop the revolutionary Shenmue gameengine which will benefit several of Shenmue's chapters, so it'll takeless for Sega to break even with each chapter they release. Daily Radarsays that the $69 million figure for the series is expected to includeall the approved sequels to date (5 so far, though Yu Suzuki plans 16total) as well as the advertising budget. Still, there is little doubtthat every Shenmue chapter needs to do exceptionally well in order forSega to recoup its investment."

Notice it says $29 million for Shenmue???  No one has asked Yu Suzuki how that $70 million really broke down.  If I manage to get an interview with him I intend to ask, or maybe Adam can if he still has the connections.  But we know for sure that Shenmue 3 should not cost $80 million.  The research is done, the story is done... how much more would it really take?

Shenmue not viable for today?@!
Are you kidding?  Why is Sega's game Yakuza so successful then? GTA?  People are clamoring for sandbox style games to break up this FPS world that sprung up around us.  If fact if Sega would just bring Yakuza to 360, I might do a little less yelling :) 

The fans are there and waiting. You can see this in the amount of people who jumped on our request to bring Shenmue back on Xbox Originals (A way to safely make back some money for Sega).  The official xbox forums have been blasted with 53 pages of POSITIVE comments, and over 760,000 views on our topic.

Will the campaign work?
Honestly, there is no way to know that.  I have hope it will, and we have had great reactions from the fans so far.  If you don't think I'm going about it right, by all means suggest ideas, help launch a project that you would want to be a part of.  But don't tell me not to do, I'm to stubborn.  I will continue it until each of our members ideas, and projects have been tried.

If you read this, thanks for listening,

2nd Opp, of Shenmue Myspace Campaign

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Vx Chemical

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Re:Shenmue Campaign (All Shenmue Fans Read) - Aug 28, 2008 08:59
I pretty decent post 2ndOpp

I find it worrying that people care so much about a game though.

I want a sequell to LucasArts Outlwas but i dont go complaining about it.

I want a sequell to Psi Ops, but i dont go campaining about it.

I want sequels to The Longest Journey.... oh wait im getting those, nvm.

In any case good luck with your campaining, im sure if all the hardcore fans of shenmue bought 10 copies each the game would be viable

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Re:Shenmue Campaign (All Shenmue Fans Read) - Aug 28, 2008 09:37
Adam Doree

Jesus christ what a train wreck.

First of all, please can we be a bit kinder to new members. There is no need for all these insults and absusive language, it is totally unacceptable no matter how long anyone has been posting here.

Second, I will give this campaign the benefit of the doubt, as it is well intentioned.

Third, just because Sega is unlikely to actually un-shelve this project and even more unlikely to put money behind finsihing full scale development on Shenmue 3, doesn't mean it is impossible for it to see release one day if there is enough demand. For example, someone else could take on the risk and co fund the pfoject. Whether it's another developer or co-publisher. Or more appealingly, Suzuki could leave and set up shop just like Naka and Miz did, and attempt to continue it that way. You never know. I mean I know for a fact that what Yuji Naka (Prope) is working on right now is in partnership with Sega. So do the math on that one. Why leave Sega and then make games for Sega anyway? It's politics.

On a related note, wait until you guys see gameplay footage of HEAVY RAIN on the PS3. You will think of Shenmue. No joke.

A reminder: no more insults and bullshit.

Most of the forum users here have, at one time or another and for various reasons defended your highly questionable (some would say completely bogus) Shenmue 3 article. In the vast majority of cases it was because of the nature of these forums and the community we have here. An attack on Kikizo was seen as an attack of all of us - in a way.

So what happened was that we collectively decided that Shenmue topics in the forum were more hassle than they were worth, regardless of the OP's intentions.

Now, if you're only going to turn up here when somebody mentions your name... and/or in this case you're websites worst hour... and tell us how we should be conducting ourselves... then there's zero point in us mounting any kind of defence on Kikizo's bahalf - in these forums or elsewhere. This topic isn't exactly just going to disappear. It's going to follow you everywhere you go and will remain a black mark against the site until the 3rd game does hit shelves... maybe even after. I've lost count of how many Shenmue 3/Doree's a fucking liar!!! threads we've had to quash - just because any mention of the damn game ends up being a discussion over the credibility of this site and you it's owner/editor/whatever.

XenuChris has a point to make, and our reaction towards him so far has been an attempt to neutralise his argument. Because it happens to be an argument that holds weight, we're having to be overly hostile. It's a shame i have to explain it to you, ...but if you want to continue to court controversy then fine...

XenuChris, please accept my humple appologies... and welcome to Kikizo Forums :)

Adam Doree

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Re:Shenmue Campaign (All Shenmue Fans Read) - Aug 28, 2008 12:47
This user did not come here to attack anyone but to try and tell us about a campaign he thought would be of interest. I have not trawled through all four pages of abuse but the first thing I saw in reply to him was "fuck off" which is simply OTT. I agree that the whole Shenmue 3 thing is a pain in the arse and possibly a black mark and one I refuse to discuss any further because I have said everything I can on the matter a hundred times over, but the rules of the forum are simple, don't be ****s to people.  Jesus. This forum never used to be like that.
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