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" Worrying is like a rocking chair, it give you something to do, but it doesn' t get you anywhere" - Van Wilder.
  • First Name: Chris
  • Last Name: Royall
  • Birthday: n/a
  • Location: London, England
  • Interests: Games, Films, Reading, Drawing, Japanese
  • Occupation: Junior Analyst, IT service desk

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  • So I got a 360...


    Incase your not too interested in Naruto (and thus didn' t read the thread) i got a 360 on Thursday. Elite model with Bioshock and table tennis. My LIVE ID is as on here - and PSN - uumai. Feel free to add me if you want. But I need help.

  • For those with a PS3...


    ...You can find Lair and Folklore on Amazon uk, for less than £15 each with free delivery. Apparently the prices are correct as amazon have been E-mail but they promise to honour the prices. Everywhere else still seems to be doing them at £32

  • PS3 firmware update and HS demo!


    Hey guys, this week PS3 updates to V1.90 with a whole bunch of nice upgrades, such as XMB backgrounds and video/game scaling options from in game/film. Full list below. Firmware 1.90 brings dashboard backgrounds, changing scaling and video s

  • Damn Sony


    So in anticipation to see spidey 3 today i thought I' d quickly go and pick up the game for my ps3. I went to the ps3 section and lo and behold, it wasn' t there. I checked another shop to no avail and asked the store clerk, He said it got delayed l