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I made a new account to match my gamer tag.
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Recent Topics

  • I' m starving!


    I' m dying for a new game. Why is it that when I have money there are no decent games out and when all the games finally do come out I' m fucking broke. It feels as though all I ever do as a gamer is wait for the next big thing. It' s the gamers curse

  • I hate itunes more then anything.


    Its so fustrating to use this junk software. Sometimes it works like a charm but for apparently no reason at all I can' t rip a specific cd and put the songs in a playlist. Worst is when songs that I already have on my iPod mysteriously dissapear. I sh

  • CromeHounds mech editer

    in VIDEO GAMES FORUM ^This is what I came up with, I want to see what you guys can would do.

  • Ultimate Showdown


    Hypathetical question. If you could choose any cerlebrity to to get into a televised street fight with. Who would you choose? Who would you pick to fight against and why? Anyone who is famous. I don' t know why I started this thread, I guess I j

  • X-Men 3


    I saw it last friday night, and I have to say I' m dissapointed. WARNING SPOILERS: My biggest complaint is that the title implies a lot of action, there isn' t nearly enough of it. The last battle scene is a joke. However I think worse than that