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!MANDATORY SPAMBOT CHECK! Name a blue hedgehog!

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  • First Name: Matt
  • Last Name: Hayter
  • Birthday: n/a
  • Location: Gander, Newfoundland, Canada
  • Interests: Video Games, Movies, Forums, Internet.
  • Occupation: None yet (Unless student counts)

Recent Topics

  • What are your 5 favourite game series and why and what and what about runners up?


    Mine are: 1. Sonic the Hedgehog. (It' s a fast platformer with good scenery and music) 2. Super Mario Brothers. (It' s a carefully designed platformer with good scenery and OK music and is more my style than Sonic but does spin-offs to often) 3. Ec

  • Downloading cutscenes


    I know I haven' t posted much in a while (almost forgot about this site) but I would like to mention about the fact that Kikizo lets you download cutscenes from Sonic Heroes, but apparently not Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Why is that? Not meaning to sound

  • I might be making a fan game soon...


    To be more specific, most likely a Sonic fan game. I have a few ideas for Mario, Star Wars, the Simpsons, and " Calvin and Hobbes" but since Sonic is my VERY favourite game series, I' ll try that first. I' ve posted this thread on other forums but I' d

  • Anyone know this movie?


    I forget the title of the movie- I think " Nowhere" might have been one of the words, or " Land" might have been one- I don' t think it' s a Lethal Weapon movie, but I haven' t seen any of the Lethal Weapon movies, so I wouldn' t know... okay the story

  • Downloads of SH vid. levels...


    Hi guys! I' m new here. When it comes to movies, I' m a Star Wars fan and a bit of a Disney fan, but recently lost my interest in movies. When it comes to games, I' m a Sonic fan, Mario fan, Ecco fan, Sim City fan, Star Fox fan, and even to a certain ext