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    in VIDEO GAMES FORUM It actually sounds like it' s gonna be a pretty intense movie. Sounds bloody as hell though, but it seems like they aren' t cutting any corners with this one.

  • 1st Quantum computer shown


    First Quantum Computer demonstrated Proof of concept By Nick Farrell: Thursday 15 February 2007, 07:20 MORE THAN 20 years earlier than expected, D-Wave Systems showed off what it claims is the world' s first commercially viable

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    A known by the name of BluePrint has figured out a way to use the Xbox 360 HD DVD player on a personal computer without the need of an Xbox 360. In a statement included in a .nfo file, BluePrint says: We' re now able to read the UDF (Univers

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    in VIDEO GAMES FORUM could it be that there will be an EA game that i actually like, i wont hold my breath but the trailer does like quite good, if not a bit too much like gears. I think they criticized gears to bring mor

  • IGN gives Ressistance a 9.1 score

    in VIDEO GAMES FORUM They also say the 40 player multiplayer is lag free. it' s a shame I' m sorta burnt out on FPS, or it would interest me, I' d rather see my character (ala gears of war, Lost planet, gun valkrie) but