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 Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS
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Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 17, 2007 05:24
Has anyone beaten Creed yet? I' m on the last boss and I' m not going to be able to play it again for another 2 days. I would like to know what the ending is like because I really don' t like the whole future to past concept. Everytime is jumps to the future, I' m just like ugh...c' mon let me get back in the machine. Yes, we know already that you work for the bad guys and keeping me hostage. Just let me get back to assassinating leaders! Everytime I load that game, I' m just like in awe. I don' t know why some people complain about the load times because mine loads within a minute or 2. However, I' ve had it freeze on me twice but other than that I wouldn' t complain about anything else.

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 17, 2007 09:00
Funny that, I' ve had it freeze on me twice too.

I JUST finished the game and I have to say that the cliffhanger has pissed me off in
a good way. It definitely means that there is an Assassin' s Creed 2.


What happens in the end is that the 9 men who you are supposed to kill turn out
to all be bastards anyway, regardless of what they said during their passing, it also
turns out that Al Mualim is also one of the " discoverers" of the ancient treasure and
has the exact same desire as the 9 you' ve just " feathered" .lol

During the passing of Robert he tells you that there were 10 people that found the
treasure (Al Mualim) being the tenth, so Altair being the badass he is asks Robert who the tenth man is. because all that are " selfish" must die. The twist here is
that Al Mualim wanted you to kill the other 9 so that he wouldn' t be bothered about
his treasure that he had you fetch in the beginning, and Robert was en route to
amass an army to get it back from him. Having tracked down the " real" Robert,
Altair executes him and heads back to Masyaf where Al Mualim has made an
impressive turn around on the saying " Nothing is real and everything is permitted"
yes, you' ve heard this before " there is no spoon" as long as you have the

Al Mualim demonstrates this by hijacking the minds of the residents of Masyaf
and making them spew nonsense about " The Master" and stuff.

Eventually when you get to the entrance of the Assassin' s stronghold you need to
fight a couple of your brainwashed brothers who are as strong as Templars (taking
2 health bars at a time) but not as annoying when it comes to them countering you
and kicking you in the nuts.

Ironically you' re saved by Malek (the literal one-armed-bandit) and you proceed
to the actual fortress, Altair advises him that the men aren' t themselves and to
stay your blade on as many of them as possible, note: This is funny because of
what happened earlier and what happens later.

Getting into the fortress, you' re met by a slew of docile NPC' s just standing there,
the numbers are phenomenal as are the graphics, at which point you gently brush
them all to the side, getting into the main foyer of the fort and exiting into the
lavish rear garden that used to be bundled with the temptations of the flesh.

Here it is that the games first " unnatural occurences" happen. Altair is frozen by
forces unbeknownst to him, that is until Al Mualim reveals his one-eyed b@st@rd
self, and goes on about " Nothing is real, everything is permitted" and reveals the
tool of treasure he is using to manipulate people' s thoughts and visions (the
treasure from the beginning). He states this is what everyone is after and now he
has it, and isn' t fond of sharing it with the other 9 idiots you just laid waste to.

Upon saying this, he brings back the 9 people you just assassinated and you have
to fight them ALL.

Along the way you' re thinking.... Hmm, this battle is oddly easy, until you down
your first member again and find it' s one of your brethren (way to take your own
advice Altair).

Then you fight Al Mualim, own him and are taken back to the future where the
treasure has uncovered the location of 12 treasures, but the guys that have you
captive profess to only needing one of them but are going to take the 12 for
safety anyway.

After the conversation is done and it is time to actually leave that hell-hole of a
room, you suddenly get " Eagle vision" in the present and notice strange markings
EVERYWHERE in the Animus room, and when you go back to your bedroom and
use the eagle vision... A cutscene ensues and Desmond begins to wonder what
exactly was here before him.....


Assassin' s Creed 2 set in the present? Masyaf resurrected? Vidic being Al Mualim
incarnate? The 9 making a Return? Lucy being part of the Assassin' s Creed and
kicking ass with you in the sequel?

Who knows? But the game is an interesting set-up or an amazing franchise.

The transitioning between the future and past is the best I have seen outside of
using a Time Machine.

If you want me to detail the fight between Al Mualim and Altair, I can, just ask
KombatFighter, but I hope this has been enough for you.


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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 17, 2007 12:00
Wow, thanks for that. It was pretty detailed enough for me and really enjoyed it. I just found out from another source that after you beat the game, goto the Scene 7 memory and watch the Epilogue?!? I don' t know if you did that but, it doesn' t appear that you did. I won' t know if that' s true until Sunday tho. Hope that helps you too! : )

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 17, 2007 12:07
I just confirmed the specifics on it from another source:

" After you watch the credits, you can goto Memory Block 7 and watch detailing on Altair' s adventures after defeating Mualim. "

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 17, 2007 12:51
Oh? Thanks for that, I didn' t even know that... I' m going to try that now... What dyu
think the chances are of Assassin' s Creed 2? High?

What I am confused about is that in one scene, Lucy shows that her finger is
missing like Altair' s, she reveals it as she says " Have faith" to Desmond. However,
looking at her fingers normally, it still remains... I' m confused.

Does that mean she' s a descendent too?

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 17, 2007 19:17
I don' t know about her being a descendant. She does help you so maybe that could be a possibility. I think there is a high chance of a sequel since they do say that they need to collect all 12 of them and will keep Miles alive just in case. On that note, I was able to play the game tonight since my other plans got cancelled.

As far as the Epilogue goes, here it is word for word that I decided to post. lol

" My master is dead - and many more with him, friend and foe alike. But the storm is broken, though pride may hold the clouds aloft a little longer. Of this much I am certain: with Robert and Al Mualim dead, the Saracen and Crusader armies will lay down their arms and give up this senseless war. Freed from the manipulations and schemes of wicked men, Saladin and Richard will find they have more in common than they think. Peace will return to the land. And if they should stray once more? Then my brothers and I will do what needs be done to set things aright... Masyat is quiet now, caressed by the winds which carry through the valley. What is this thing I hold, that it can bend men' s minds? No larger than an apple - yet it' s power greater than any weapon I' ve known. I have seen what evil even the smallest taste brings. I should destroy it... Yet something stays my hand. No. I will hold it a little while longer and see what it may teach me. Perhaps it can be turned to good. Or is this what the others thought when they held it? Is that it' s power, then? To turn the noble into cruel? I know not what the future holds for any of us, but I do know those assassins who remain will need guidance. I must attend to them. Help to heal their wounds. We will march together into the future, and emerge stronger than we were before. If we are to succeed, if we are to rebuild, then we must be careful not to repeat the mistakes of those who came before. We must be vigilant, ever mindful of the past..."

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 18, 2007 03:46
So Tiz, now that I watched the ending again and when Miles gets the Eagle Vision. You' ll get a brief look at Lucy and the Doctor. You' ll notice that Lucy is in blue so it could be that she is a descendant or just a very well trained Assassin.

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 18, 2007 11:44
I' m thinking she may be an Assassin, I hope so, it could make for such amazing plot
development in the story.

How did you like the ending then? Past/present thing is not too bad is it?

In fact it' s done quite well if you ask me.

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 18, 2007 12:10
The ending was interesting. I feel like they could have given us a little bit more with the weird text going on all over the floor and walls. It just that the ending to me didn' t give me an enough incentive to anticipate a sequel.

I must say that the boss fight was just annoying for me. When I realized that he or really they kept doing the guard break on me, I tried dodging them with no success. So, I found myself running around a lot and getting on top of that automan and hitting them down to the ground. I did get lucky on the actual fight because I got tired of his crap on teleporting. It was funny. After he had teleported to the 3rd level down, I threw a knife at him before I got too close to him. So he started running towards me and I did the step and guard break on him. Which I believe at that time, the game may have glitched or I just caught him running and he couldn' t throw up his guard yet. So when I struck him with the guard break, he immediately fell to the ground and I pulled out the blade and assassinated him immediately. I was like wow, I' ll take it because it freaking worked!!! LOL

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 20, 2007 09:56
This is a question to anyone who has this and ME. I was going to pick this, ME, or COD4 up before the end of the year, but as of right now, I' ll only be getting one. I' ll probably find a way to get all of them, but as of right now I need one. No one that I play live with has COD, and they wont be getting it until mid Dec. to early Jan. so I' m not getting it. Normally, I wouldn' t be debating on ME and AC, but wont be having a whole lot of free time until probably the begging of next year and everyone is telling me AC is really good. So ME or AC?

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 20, 2007 13:13
I don' t know man, depends on your favorite gameplay style. Mass Effect didn' t appeal to me until the latest development. The reason I' ll hold off on Mass Effect is because it' s made by Bioware who made Star Wars and Jade Empire. So, I already know how some of the gameplay style will be like but I' m not saying that it' s going to be a bad game. I played both Star Wars and Jade and loved them both. Creed appealed to me because it had Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell style. I like the Free Roaming throughout the city and GTA gameplay that Creed offers. However, I also like the RPGish style in Star Wars and Jade. In the end, I chose Creed since the gameplay was very open where you can just completely mess around without having to do objectives all the time. Once you complete the game, you can go around and kill anyone. That includes innocent people like in GTA except you' ll be doing it with primitive weapons in a very cool way! Lately, open gameplay has appealed to me more due to the replay value.
Agent Ghost

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 20, 2007 15:57
No contest, Mass Effect destroys AC. Infact it pretty much destroys anything. Game of the Year.

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 20, 2007 18:16
So myself, Burrr, and Daniel are " no one" ? Fine, we didnt want to play with you anyway.

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RE: Assassins Creed ending? SPOILERS - Nov 21, 2007 05:03

So myself, Burrr, and Daniel are " no one" ? Fine, we didnt want to play with you anyway.
Well, I found COD4 and Kane and Lynch for $45 so I think Im getting those instead.

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