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  • First Name: simon
  • Last Name: wigham
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    I hate them!! I hate effortlessly flying through a game one minute and then seemingly hitting a brick wall the next minute -particulary when I' m nearing the end of a game that I' ve been really enjoying- RPGS are often some of the worst culpri

  • What' s the longest you' ve ever played a game?


    Not only did Final Fantasy 7 single handidly make me in to an RPG fan, it was also the first game I had an enormously lengthy session with, that being about 14 hours almost nonstop. Thankfully since then, my gaming habits have gotten " slightly" more he

  • Things you hope to achieve in gaming before you die


    I hope to become better at fighting and puzzle games as at the moment I' m completely dire at both, though after years of dedicated training I' m happy to say that I have finally been pulling off some super combos on Street Fighter III so progress h

  • 360 launch lineup revealed?

    in VIDEO GAMES FORUM If this is really the final lineup, it looks very tasty. I' m disappointed about Perfect Dark 0 possibly not making the launch though.

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    in VIDEO GAMES FORUM If it' s not Master Chief, then who could it be? My money' s on Cortana.