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  • First Name: Benji
  • Last Name: H
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  • Interests: stuff and things
  • Occupation: record store employee

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  • smashing pumpkins to re-unite


    from what i have been told and understand, this is just him making a public staement saying he wants to get back toegher. I don' t think He' s heard from the rest of the band yet....[/im

  • the best(worst) place you have ever vomitted


    this past weekend i was at a wedding where i didn' t know anyone except my girlfriend who was in the wedding party. so needless to say she was busy all the time doing wedding stuff and i was left to my own i drank. AND man did i drink alot

  • donkey kong country


    so i started playing this SNES classic again the other day....and i shocked at the fun factor i still find in it. oddly enough, i also keep thinking to myself that the graphics are pretty damn good for beig on the SNES...i' m sure i have seen PS2/XBOX/Ga

  • Video Games get a new E10+ rating


    Friday, 04 March 2005 Video Games get a new ratingA new video game rating category, E10+ (Everyone 10 and older), was introduced this week by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) in order to give parents more guidance when determini

  • movie releases you are looking forward to


    i haven' t seen alot of movie previews as of late, but so far for the upcomming year, the releases i am looking forward to seeing are: - Lords of Dogtown - Kingdom of Heaven - Sin City - The Corpse Bride - War of the Worlds