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  • First Name: konrad
  • Last Name: Sieber
  • Birthday: n/a
  • Location: PA
  • Interests: skateboarding, friends, mountain biking, movies
  • Occupation: student

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    Ah yes, finally the summer time. What games are you guys playing? Its time for me to do catch up with my games. The next games i' m getting aren' t for a while. So I' m getting back into some of my old games that I never beat. I went back to final fantas

  • Baten Kaitos

    in VIDEO GAMES FORUM Wow, new trailer, looks amazing. Really pushing the power of the gamecube! I don' t know anything about the game, but it looks pretty cool. Does anyone know anything about this game?

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    I saw that Ultima Online 7th Anniversary Edition was coming out on 6/21. It adds a lot of new features such as: " The Ultima Online 7th Anniversary Edition gives players the complete Ultima Online, with all the expansion packs enabled, and a bounty

  • Full Spectrum Warrior


    Is this game as good as some reviews make it out to be? There seems to be lots of mixed results, has anyone here played it yet and if so is it good/enjoyable? I am going to get a new game today, but I dont know what I want to ge

  • Conker live and reloaded


    Heres a new trailer: That looks pretty cool, but tedies? Sounds rather corny. But the one on N64 was good, i think this one will (hopefully) be good too. Your thoughts/input?