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  • First Name: David
  • Last Name: Henry
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  • TV Cutting the Edges off


    When I play the 360, the edges of the picture are cut off. Not just one side... the entire shebang on all sides. Its an old 2004 SDTV, so is this something that happens only to the old screens... or is there some options I need to adjust on the 360 or TV

  • $130 for Halo 3 !?!


    Got this from Sure, this is all just esimates, but still... $130! Sure there is the normal game, $60, then the Limited Edition, $70, but now the magic number of $130 is being thrown around for the Ubber-Awesome pack. Yeah, there is no way I

  • Double Header w/ Help


    Alrighty, here are the problems. 1st. Gears of War has been acting up recently on my 360. I' ll pop it in and ... uh, well ... it sounds like its about to boot up but then it (the fan) stop then the fan starts movin again but then stops and i

  • 2 Arcade Games or 1?


    So, I have 1,200 points left...and I want to have 400 left over for a Theme, some Oblivion stuff, and maybe some left over just incase there are some Gears maps to buy here soon. I' m stuck between getting Doom or Mortal Kombat or two old classics l

  • Active Reload


    After playing hours of Gears of War during the Thanksgiving holiday, I got used to that active reload. It made the game that more interesting. I remember in this one match where I was chasing the last guy on the other team, reloaded my shotgun...bu