Mirrors Edge Demo now up

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Mirrors Edge Demo now up - Oct 30, 2008 21:36
On psn anyway.. Just downloaded it, its about 20 mins long and i enjoyed it just as much as I thought I would, will buy.

Game ran great, looks so bright and colourfull cant wait to have on look at it on my sony bravia!

and wtf Ea exculsives demos are bad enough but having exculsive content for the demo?? the time trials can only be played if you have a pre-order code... whats next, exculsive demo dlc?? 

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Re:Mirrors Edge Demo now up - Oct 31, 2008 18:54
This game is awesome... Really enjoy running around. The shooting is a bit weird but that could just because I haven't gotten used to it

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Re:Mirrors Edge Demo now up - Oct 31, 2008 19:42
Its up on LIVE as well. Im dl'ing now. While Im interested, I just dont see myself liking it enough to buy. Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised.
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Re:Mirrors Edge Demo now up - Nov 01, 2008 07:15
I really want to like this, but the controls aren't very good.  They should not have tried to implement sixaxis.  I'd also rather use the face buttons rather than the shoulder buttons.

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Re:Mirrors Edge Demo now up - Nov 03, 2008 15:05
I don't really know what to think about it...even after playing the demo.

I still like the whole concept, but the demo is just to damn short to make me really get a clear idea about the game and how I feel about the thing.

Wish the damn demo was a bit longer.

As things are right now I'd probably rent it first and play some more to see a bit more of the game. That should help me make up my mind about this game.
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Re:Mirrors Edge Demo now up - Nov 06, 2008 09:23
Loved the demo; its on my list of things to get, although not right at the top.

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Re:Mirrors Edge Demo now up - Nov 06, 2008 15:46
I'm going to hold off on finishing my mirror's edge demo impressions, in lieu of a longer full review. I'm just too swamped to worry about writing anything games related up at the moment. Suffice to say, what I've played is fantastic, and I hope the rest of the game can hold my interest like the demo. Full review when the game releases, with any luck, sooner than my usual fare.
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