Videogames are terrorists

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Agent Ghost
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Videogames are terrorists - Aug 06, 2008 22:24

"You may be surprised at how many “terrorists” there are in your home right now. Video games, computers, cell phones, teen magazines, music, TV, & movies: all of which fall under the umbrella of entertainment and all are likely perpetrators. But in particular, entertainment in the form of movies, television and music is what is shaping our young generation. Although we consider them entertainment, they are actually infotainment. They impart values and information about the world, maybe information about life, that your kids are not ready to process and absorb. The problem is that too many parents use these avenues to keep their kids occupied, allowing them to witness just a part of the “unavoidable” culture in which we live. For example, television, broadcasts some 20,000 sex scenes that the average young person will view by the time he or she graduates from high school!"
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"This is sad. There's no other word for it. The person who invents a way to punch someone in the face over the Internet will make millions from the demand generated by people like this." Youtube comments

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Re:Videogames are terrorists - Aug 07, 2008 11:16

This is the type of parent I just don't understand. How are your kids supposed to be able to deal with the world if you hide the world from them?

If you're a parent and you can't impart your values on your kids effectively, you're a bad parent.

When I was a kid my parents didn't stop me from watching anything, really. However they made damn sure I knew right from wrong. That's what good parents do.

Joe Redifer
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Re:Videogames are terrorists - Aug 07, 2008 14:59
I love how everyone throws around the word "terrorist" when they want to scare other people into their point of view.

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Re:Videogames are terrorists - Aug 08, 2008 09:41
Fucking Christians ;)

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Re:Videogames are terrorists - Aug 15, 2008 04:56
I think this guy needs a good roll in the hay, a big ol' spliff, and a 10,000 dollar Best-Buy gift-card. I think he'd mellow right out when he saw and heard terrorism in 1080p and 5.1 surround.

I don't get the point in sheltering your children either. If you want them to be well-adjusted adults, they need to see what the world is like, so you don't wind up raising nutters like this, or the polar opposite who feel that anything they see on TV is permissable.

For example, television, broadcasts some 20,000 sex scenes that theaverage young person will view by the time he or she graduates fromhigh school!"

I definitely haven't seen 20,000 sex-scenes on TV in my lifetime. But then again, I never watched much TV as a kid, and I don't now, save for a few shows now and then.

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Re:Videogames are terrorists - Aug 15, 2008 18:22
Where are these 20,000 sex scenes?

I feel like i'm missing out, I have to download my sex scenes while it seems kids are able to watch theirs on TV.