The Punisher: War Zone

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The Punisher: War Zone - Jul 25, 2008 08:41
After hearing more about this movie at comic con I'm a bit more forgiving on the whole thing. My original thoughts on the Thomas Jane Punisher was that it wasn't the comic book one. However, I eventually enjoyed it. Then this new movie popped up, but I was expecting the Thomas Jane one again so I was a bit confused.

Then it clicked. This is the real punisher. The Punisher from the Max series. Much like what they did with the Hulk movie they dropped all this wishy washy good heart crap went back to the source and decided to dish out something new and possibly better. Honestly the trailers have a bit of a cheesines to them, but compared to the comic its a much closer match. So I'm gonna give this flicka chance.

Comic Con Footage:

Comic covers for The Punisher (Max):

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Re:The Punisher: War Zone - Jul 25, 2008 16:13
I do agree that the Thomas Jane Punisher didn't follow closely to the comic version, but then again i never read read any in dept on how Frank Castle killed the mob that killed his family. Still the movie was good and the musical theme is catchy.
Yes, this new punisher looks exactly as how punisher is supposed to look, gritty, however, the story is what i don't see being enjoyable (Punisher taking out criminals) and seeing the 1st trailer...i'll still pass.
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Re:The Punisher: War Zone - Jul 25, 2008 19:04
It looks like a lot of senseless violence and gore for the sake of gore.  Not my kind of film, but i might get around to seeing eventually.

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Re:The Punisher: War Zone - Aug 02, 2008 20:52
I actually enjoyed the first one.  It wasn't a brilliant movie or anything but some of the action was pretty decent.  The fight with that giant Russian makes the movie worth watching in itself.  Or you can always find the fight on youtube.
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