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This thread has not been approved by the FCC - Jul 21, 2008 22:02
I know you guys are an intelligent bunch, so i don't need to explain how it's really fucked up to have censores banning certain words because a few sensitive individuals are offended by them.  As if they have a right to not be offended...

Anyways in their latest abomination to rid the media of anything fun they have fined CBS for 550 000$ due to Janet Jackson's 'nipple slip' that took place in the super bowl 2004.  Now I couldn't care less about an idiot has been, but half a million for one breast.  That's fucking ridiculous.  Imagine if she showed both.  Thankfully the court overturned the FCC fine, there is hope yet.

The FCC is only the face of the larger problem though.  According the the article, half a million people filed complains with the FCC for the skin exposure.  Imagine being such a loser that you are conserned about "explicit" material.  Honestly who are they trying to protect?  I don't understand this mentality.  Is it limited imagination?  low IQs?  The ego on these people, they're basically saying that people don't have the maturity to handle "vulgar" material.  Yet they have the maturity to identify and block what is "vulgar".  That's bullshit.

It's all about control.  It's these old fucks, who are nostalgic about obsolete mannerisms.  Their backwards understanding of respect.  They're telling us what we can and cannot say and see and they're bold enough to lecture us on respect.

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Re:This thread has not been approved by the FCC - Jul 22, 2008 16:57
I'm missing the part where they think financial compensation is going to cover the mental trauma of seeing Janet's tit... that woman is NOT attractive.
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Re:This thread has not been approved by the FCC - Jul 22, 2008 19:33
I like how they fined a television channel for an honest mistake that happened on live television. It's really nothing more sinister than that.

Hell, a few years back on British ITV we had Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols fame spouting the word '****' (EDIT: For some reason wasn't expecting it to be censored: Think "C U Next Tuesday") on live television at 8pm in the evening; show hosts and channel extended an apology and that was the end of that.

Although I'm not exactly trying to make British media high and mighty or anything - we did, after all, have Mary Whitehouse to contend with.... >_>
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