iPhone > Semi-Truck

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iPhone > Semi-Truck - Feb 04, 2008 04:21
I don' t like the iPhone. I' ll be quite frank about that, but I have to give them props. They' ve created a mighty solid piece of electronic equipment.


We though we' d seen it all when it came to creative device destruction -- iPod with a bullet: check, exploding laptops: check, everything in a blender: double check -- but we' ve never seen anything spend over an hour on the highway and survive. Yet that' s exactly what Mike Beauchamp' s iPhone did after he left it on his trunk and drove off from a gas station -- and the kicker is that just as he was about to run out and grab it, he watched it get run over by a semi truck. Shockingly, the unit still work perfectly, even receiving a call as Mike finally nabbed it. Obviously, it' s missing a few chunks and there are some broken pixels, but the touch sensitivity is solid, and it sounds like Mike' s been talking to Apple PR about using it in a promo -- how' s that for random luck? Check the read link for a few more pics of the damage.

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RE: iPhone > Semi-Truck - Feb 04, 2008 04:42
every non-apple phone>iphone
I dont want to celebrate, I want to sell you hate.