Teabagging Is Serious Business

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Teabagging Is Serious Business - Jan 25, 2008 05:18
New Bullying Policy Put Into Effect After Teabagging Incident

POINT PLEASANT BEACH — Responding to incidents of sexual harassment and bullying outside school grounds, officials have crafted a policy allowing them to punish students for any behavior that would impact a child' s learning environment.

Bullying on and off school grounds
A group of boys has been involved in bullying others, and officials said their actions have included physical attacks, taunting and sexually harassing victims by making their crotches touch other boys' heads while fully clothed — something apparently inspired by the Halo video game series, in which players can perform a posturing move over a defeated enemy.


In the second altercation, her (Jane Chimelewski' s) son was caught in a headlock by one boy while another boy put his crotch to his head, she said. This was filmed by one of the other boys, using a cell phone video camera.

Where do the parents line up for mass beatings again?

Joe Redifer
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RE: Teabagging Is Serious Business - Jan 25, 2008 05:21
Who the hell wants to touch their crotch to another guy' s head for any reason... I mean besides homosexuals? Seems a bit strange to me. Maybe these bullies are in the closet? They wouldn' t be so angry if they' d just come out.
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RE: Teabagging Is Serious Business - Jan 25, 2008 06:02
I agree with Joe. I don' t remember anyone wanting to touch their crotches to some other male kid during my school days. Children these days are really fu@#d up.

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RE: Teabagging Is Serious Business - Jan 25, 2008 09:35
lol, I like how they describe it in the article, they act like there is a t-bag button.
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RE: Teabagging Is Serious Business - Jan 25, 2008 19:44
Kids in my college used to joke about teabagging a lot...