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Headphones - Nov 16, 2007 03:38
I need a new pair of headphones, one reason is that I' ll be able play my 360 without hearing all the noise it' s making. I want them for home use only so no need for portable ones or ones with a short cable.
I don' t want to waste lots of money because I' m not a sound freak.
A pair I' ve been looking at is Sony MDR-V300. Are those good enough? I' ve heard the bass is to much and that they sit to tight but I don' t think I' ll mind.
Any other suggestions?

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RE: Headphones - Nov 16, 2007 05:12
I bought a set of Koss Ur29 over-ear headphones for around $30 at my local Borders bookstore. The bass response is nice. At any rate, they sound better than my speakers, they muffle the sound of my 360 entirely, and it' s got volume control right on the cable for easy adjustment.

In the end, headphones in general, you' re going to get what you pay for. My phones really aren' t the best quality, but did I mention, they were only $30?

Edit: Mine are 18-20,000Hz.
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RE: Headphones - Nov 16, 2007 09:48
I' d recommend you headphones by Koss, too. I got both at home and for my mp3 player Koss headphones and they are fantastic. They also got a no questions asked lifetime guarantee - if anything breaks you just pay shipping and get it replaced.
Grant Delmore

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RE: Headphones - Nov 16, 2007 11:28
Im more of a earphone person :\ Headphones squish my ears and it makes them sore.
Plus i find i get better quality from earphones anyway.

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RE: Headphones - Nov 16, 2007 11:49

one reason is that I' ll be able play my 360 without hearing all the noise it' s making.

Its called surround sound

... But if you did have a lot money, I would suggest getting Bose head phones to get rid of the sound. My friend who works in advertisement uses them because he has phobias of planes and they actually work.

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RE: Headphones - Nov 16, 2007 15:26
I wouldn' t get Sony' s, they tend to be overpriced and mediocre. just go to any store that sells em and look at the specs on the back of the box, get something at least 20hz-20khz response and with >90 db signal to noise ratio. You should be able to find some for $30 or less. If you didn' t care about blocking out sound you can find good ones for under $15. The only major difference between more expensive ones is the noise cancelation.
Agent Ghost

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RE: Headphones - Nov 16, 2007 16:19
Like Grant said headphones are a pain in the ass. I would consider a good pair of earphones instead.

creative ep-630 are a good choice.

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RE: Headphones - Nov 16, 2007 23:22
With price as a factor I would definitely go with earphones too. A good pair of headphones won' t hurt your ears with prolonged use (I loved my Denon' s before I stepped on them ) , but a good pair is going to cost way more than you' re willing to pay.

DO NOT get wrap-arounds. The sadist who invented those things should be shot.

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RE: Headphones - Nov 17, 2007 01:20
I don' t mind getting squished and finding earphones with a long enough cable is kind of difficult. And I often have trouble placing them right. Maybe my ears are too big or something.

I' m thinking of these ones right now
Sennheiser HD 515
Possibly these cheaper ones
Sennheiser HD 457
Sennheiser HD 465

If those aren' t good enough I might go for wireless ones.
These ones seem kind of good
Sennheiser RS 120
or possibly these ones
Sony MDR-RF840RK
They don' t show on Sony' s website but are very similar to the
Sony MDR-RF925RK

Most of the ones I' m looking at are from Sennheiser but I' ve never used anything from them. Does anyone here know if they' re good or not?
Koss doesn' t seem to be making wireless headphones and I couldn' t find any wired that I liked.

EDIT: Still thinking about these Sony ones.
I love bass and they seem to have very rich bass and the specs follows Loco' s spec advice.
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Agent Ghost

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RE: Headphones - Nov 17, 2007 01:57
I like Seinnheiser. I use The Sennheiser CX 300

They produce a crystal clear sound, true to the intended source. They' re not meant for a lot of bass. Seinnheiser is about accurate sound reproduction.

They have an asymetric ear pieces, which normally would deter me but the ear pieces fit so well and the cord is so light that it hasn' t bothered me at all. My only complaint about them is that the cord is a tad bit short (I' m a bit over 6 feet tall). I almost can' t have my MP3 Player in my pants pocket while standing up. I mostly use it with my computer and it' s just long enough without being a problem. On the other hand I hate it when the cord is 8 feet long and you have all this extra cord that you don' t know what to do with.
Terry Bogard

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RE: Headphones - Nov 18, 2007 01:03
I recently upgraded from my Sony earbuds to the JVC HA-FX55;

5 hz - 24,000 mhz

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RE: Headphones - Nov 20, 2007 02:43
I bought the wireless Sennheiser RS 120


I think they' re great so far.
The sound is clear, the bass is deep enough, they don' t squish my head at all but they still sit solidly on my head. No drawbacks because of them being wireless and with easy recharging (batteries INCLUDED) these headphones are great. Thank you for your great recommendations, especially Agent Ghost for recommending Sennheiser.
Mass X

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RE: Headphones - Nov 20, 2007 08:04
I got these 5.1 surround sound headphones from some time back. Built in mic for Xbox Live and PC use. Probably quite cheap now. I' ll look them up in a bit. They are rather bulky but not uncomfortable...tho looking at that last post it seems youve already finished your search.

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RE: Headphones - Nov 20, 2007 11:47
I' m a little sceptical about surround headphones.
I' ve heard many people complaining about them, unless you buy really, really expensive ones.

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