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Joined: Feb 07, 2004
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AOL: abrickwall123
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!MANDATORY SPAMBOT CHECK! Name a blue hedgehog!

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  • First Name: Adam
  • Last Name: Field
  • Birthday: n/a
  • Location: n/a
  • Interests: singing, gaming, singing vgmusic
  • Occupation: n/a

Recent Topics

  • Hey, if you didn' t notice already, UT2k4' s out


    Just thought I' d mention it. It took several hours to download, even on my campus T1 line, so I haven' t gotten around to playing it yet, but I' ve heard some good things. Course, I' ve also heard some really bad things, so... Thoughts, opinions,

  • necessary random n00b post (and spontaneous OCR thread)


    Hello, I just got here from a link someone posted in the OCRemix forum that I' ve been hanging out in for over a year now. Over there, it' s a bit of a tradition for " teh n00bs" to introduce themselves and get joking

  • there' s something kinda messed up with this forum...


    The new messages icon is being placed where it really doesn' t belong. Like, for instance, in a thread I just posted to. I specifically went back into it, then refreshed the thread list, and it still says there are unread posts in it. What precise

  • those Mario pics

    in VIDEO GAMES FORUM I swear I saw those on the OCR forums, like, many months ago. Why did it take so long for them to get to here? On an only slightly related note, I loved the quote, " Games experts today said there is a