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SWITCH - Oct 26, 2016 18:48
You guys buying this thing? Can a gaming tablet actually be viable in this day and age?

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Re:SWITCH - Oct 27, 2016 13:46
Yeah for sure. Nintendo kind of lost me with Wii and Wii U, but I'd love to get back into some of their games... it's been a while. 

I'd really love to see some remasters of mario galaxy 1 & 2, as well as ports of wind waker HD and TPHD. 

The battery life is gonna suck though. 

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Re:SWITCH - Oct 27, 2016 19:39
Yeah, like 3 hours or so off the dock and with a dimmed screen...

That said, if they embrace third party peripherals, we could get some sort of extended battery solution. I don't know how much I'll use it off the dock but of they have the games I'll get it for s home console.

Not announcing software before 2017 is a little concerning though.

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Re:SWITCH - Nov 07, 2016 00:08
I'll probably buy one. Maybe not day one, but it's hard for me to resist new systems. The best thing about the Switch is that now Nintendo won't be splitting their development teams over console and portable hardware. They can make more and better (?) games for one system after they abandon the 3DS (hopefully soon). I wish the carts they were using were bigger than 16GB though.