FFVSXIII looks even cooler than FFXIII

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FFVSXIII looks even cooler than FFXIII - Apr 20, 2009 01:14

And another of the cool trailers from a few months ago..


I take it everyone's seen the gameplay vids from the PS3 demo of FFXIII (or played it?)... although that game does look impressive with its great colourful style and interestingly breaking away from the traditional JRPG gameplay rules - the sheer breathtaking level of presentation in the Kingdom Hearts team's interpretation in Versus XIII is I think the best I've seen in any game.  At least from what we can see from the trailers.

Couldn't ever face playing the Disneyficated Kingdom Hearts.  And of course some wont tolerate the Bishonen/Gothic look of Versus XIII (wonder where Bish is these days?).  But I'll definitely be buying a PS3 for this... unless it comes out on 360 too.
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