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Image Centrics "Emily" video - Oct 18, 2008 23:01
They have done work for many cg heavy films as well as some current games such as Rock Band and GTA.

They don't expect this level of quality in game for a few years however. 

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Re:Image Centrics "Emily" video - Oct 18, 2008 23:11
She looks evil.
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Re:Image Centrics "Emily" video - Oct 18, 2008 23:19
I thought she had lots of make up on, heh.  Thats really impressive though.  Analysing it, its amazing how intricate facial animation needs to be to look realistic. 

In a way, it makes you think of more flaws, like sometimes parts of her face look slightly paralysed - but thats only in credit to the fact you think its a real face.  In current gen games you accept that characters can only blink and open/close their mouth in certain ways, maybe raise their eyebrows a bit.

I wonder how Heavy Rain will turn out in terms of facial animation.