Ifinite Undiscovery Quick Review (What I've Played So Far)

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Ifinite Undiscovery Quick Review (What I've Played So Far) - Sep 17, 2008 06:28
Whats up home slices!

I have been away in Edmonton for a while (personal reasons), and just got back to Regina. After getting my 360 back from my brother in law, I came on here to check to see what I have missed which is quite a bit. Anyway, I didn't see anyone post any sort of review of Infinite Undiscovery so I thought I would give my impressions of what I have played so far. (My brother in law already finished it and spoiled the ending for me, the rotten bastard).

Your objective in IU is to break the chains that are shackled to the moon. This is explained as you get further into the game, but from what I can gather the moon the source of Lunaglyph power. The game eases you in from the start with the standard tutorial level, as well as you are also given quick tutorials throughout your quest as you learn new abilites like creation, enchanting, and even to help you learn the party system.

The combat in IU is your standard real time RPG stuff ala Tales of Vesperia and Eternal Sonata. Different button combinations will unleash different attacks, as well as you will also gaing the ability to use special attacks. Now you don't control any other member in your party, instead you will use the "Connect" feature to connect to another party member and use X, Y, or A to tell them which attack to use. You can also control whether you want your party to Spread out (attack nearest enemy, or Focus (everyone attack the same enemy). Nothing revolutionary here. Unfortunately, there is some slowdown when you get lots of characters on screen at once battling it out. Nothing too severe, but you definately will notice it.

I am admittedly not very good in detailing sound in video games, so all I will say is that the voice acting itself is solid. You will still come accross some characters that spew cheese when they open their mouth, but for the most part the voice acting is good. The melodies you will play from your flute are thankfully nice and not at all annoying, and the overall music of the game is very good. Rising when you enter a battle to get the blood going, and soothing for those more heart felt moments. Now I don't know if this falls under sound, but for some reason Square decided that it is ok to have cut scenes without voice overs. Just characters geturing like they're playing charades, and text for you too read. I don't know, but this is a big pet peeve of mine in RPG's. 

Graphically IMO IU is gorgeous. As soon as you start making your way to Nolaan you will notice colors!!! Bright, vibrant, beautiful colors!!! Greens, reds, blues, yellows, and much, much more!!! This world is not brown and grey. There is no strange green tint to this world, only colors! The character models are all top notch, with backpacks ruffling up and down when you run, and hair that actually blows in the wind (and this is not just in cutscenes). The world of IU is beatufully rendered, and detailed. Whether it be the cat that you come accross that actually looks like a cat, or the gorgeous looking dust devil in the desert. IU is a gorgeous game. 

I have only destroyed 2 chains so far, so you can tell I am not very far into the game at all. I am really enjoying this game, and recommend that everyone at least give it a rent. 

Anyway, nice to be back and I hope my short review wasn't too bad.
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Re:Ifinite Undiscovery Quick Review (What I've Played So Far) - Sep 21, 2008 05:59
Thanks for the review, I was wondering how this game was. 

I was really disappointed with Blue Dragon and to a lesser extent Lost Odyssey; I found their combat systems to be quite repetitive.

Do you find the slow downs detract from the game a large amount of the time, or just a bit of an inconvenience?

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Re:Ifinite Undiscovery Quick Review (What I've Played So Far) - Sep 21, 2008 06:17
Hey Canada! I was wondering where you'd toddled off to.

Oh, and welcome Vicious Daemon!
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Re:Ifinite Undiscovery Quick Review (What I've Played So Far) - Sep 21, 2008 06:19