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Tenchu 4 update - Sep 16, 2008 11:31
Been a while since I updated this so be ready to do a lot of watching if you haven't kept your eye on things.

Japanese action trailer

A trailer nothing much to say about it besides that what appear to be cutscenes look good and that I like the music in the trailer.

Epic japanese trailer

8 minutes of ninja fun  :D gameplay, story, and intrigue...sadly the intrigue...well don't understand japanese so can't really tell anything about that. What I noticed most in this one is that the graphics ain't super but they ain't bad either. Also all of the videos are a bit lacking in quality so I'd say it'll look a bit better when actually running the game on your own tv.

These two were a bit older.

Now for new ones.

Striker gameplay

As I said before all low quality videos so expect it to look better on your tv. As for the video  :D  this is what we all want ain't it. I'm loving those kills, especially the one with Rikimaru where he's under the floor, then knocks the guy out with the tatami mat and then drags him under the floor as well. That's just awesome. There also seem to be a lot more kills with just using your hands without always having to draw your sword which was something I always found weird in previous games. They are ninjas after all they should be able to do stuff like this so I'm glad to see it in this one.

Ooh and also love the one where Rikimaru uses the fishing rod to hook onto an enemy and then drags him into a fire and sets him aflame. Also poisoning the water so that when the guards drink from it they die without you having to lift a finger...hehehe I love it. It's sneaky sneaky.

Slayer gameplay

Some more stealth kills and general swordplay.

All in all from what I've seen from the game so far I'm liking it. Always liked the Tenchu series.

The game looks good enough for me. The kills look good. Also love that they use more hand to hand combat or sneak up and kill the guard with his own sword and all that stuff.

Another thing is the creating shadows and sticking to the shadows...I don't get why they didn't do it sooner. I love being all sneaky and I like getting around without having to unshead my sword even once if possible so this will be a big help to me.

I'm not overly excited or anything about the game. It probably won't be getting any great reviews either. But what I do know already is that I'll be putting in hours on this sucker again to get my grand master ranking back on all levels and all dificulties.
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Re:Tenchu 4 update - Sep 16, 2008 21:31
Does anyone care about this game?

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Re:Tenchu 4 update - Sep 16, 2008 22:16

Does anyone care about this game?

No one with any sense.
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Re:Tenchu 4 update - Sep 16, 2008 23:40
Honestly, I tried to like Tenchu.  I really did.  I mean, when I was little I was ALL about the ninja.  Ninja movies.  Ninja video games.  Ninja magazines.  Hell, I was a ninja for Halloween once (and, no, it was not last year!) 

The traditional ninja was different from the romanticized version found in most movies and video games today.  The ninja clan was usually made up of peasant class citizens who had no knowledge of combat.  They were usually displeased with the Shogunate (or Daimyo, or what have you) and chose to use cunning and deception to take out their oppressors.  In a straight up fight with a Samurai death was ASSURED.  Besides not being able to fight, no one could carry swords except for Samurai, anyway.  Which is why tools of their trade were used, like farming implements (such as Kama, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchakus, etc.), or commonly occuring objects (such as chains, Kunai, Hanbo, etc.).

Having said all this, Tenchu probably tries to be the closest to traditional Ninja lore than any other game.  Of course, it wouldn't be fun if it was TOTALLY realistic, but they at least try to convey the sense of stealth and trickery, as opposed to combat, which I totally respect.

That being said, I didn't care too much for Tenchu Z.  It's the only Tenchu that I've ever played, and I must say that it just wasn't very good.  Maybe if someone were to adapt the Splinter Cell mechanics (and graphics) to a ninja game, that would work for me, but Tenchu just seemed sloppy.  The controls were not very accurate, the gameplay was trite and uninspired, and the graphics were abysmal.  Honestly, the new one doesn't look to be much better.  The graphics still look horrid, including the character animations, and the sound effects seem outdated.  By that I mean they seem repetative and of poor quality.

If there's a demo, I suppose I'll try it.  I mean, it's free, right!  Other than that, unless someone I trust gives it glowing reviews, I think I'll pass.