World at War Co-Op Impressions

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World at War Co-Op Impressions - Sep 13, 2008 16:15

it is a different type of game. The weaponry is old-school, and whilenew additions like the flamethrower provide plenty of comedic value –that’s right kiddies, watching foes light up like kerosene covered haybales is worth the price of admission alone – if you love your red-dotenabled M16A4, you might be more than a little put-off. The graphicstoo, while impressive, aren’t as good as CoD4. Both games may use thesame engine, but very few assets were able to transcend from modern dayto the forties and the attention to detail, as well as the sharpness ofthe A.I – where Infinity Ward’s talent really shines – aren’t asimpressive. At least in the build we saw.

It's funny, they blaze it for about two paragraphs as being subpar to 4, but the rest of the article is singing praises of it's awesomeness. I suggest you go read the whole thing for yourself at the LINK

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Re: World at War Co-Op Impressions - Sep 13, 2008 17:08
They're really banging on about the co-op - that I guess is where they think it will be better than 4. They obviously believe the game play outweighs the technical drawbacks. I guess time will tell.