GI Impressions on Ghostbusters Demo

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GI Impressions on Ghostbusters Demo - Aug 14, 2008 19:22
Relatively positive.

Whileour demo was short, it highlighted enough cool features to get usexcited about the game. The voice acting is solid, the graphics arefluid and the controls are tight – if a bit complicated at times. Ouronly real concern stemmed from the physics engine that has beenpromoted so heavily since the games announcement. At times walkingthrough a library of de-shelved books felt more like kicking aroundleaves than weighted objects. Bumping a table resulted in it sliding afew more feet than it realistically would and somehow we were able tomove around massive chunks of marble as if they were pebbles. Beingthat this is just a build, we realize there is still time in thedevelopment process to tighten things up a bit. Let’s hope we get morehands on time with the ghost-busting team soon. I know there is acertain ravenous green blob some of us are itching to see.

My gripes with what I've seen still stand, but I'll be more than willing to reevaluate my stance if we get an impressive demo before the title ships.