Is GTAIV Locking Up Boxes?

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Is GTAIV Locking Up Boxes? - Jun 04, 2008 00:20

A number of gamers are reporting that the Xbox 360 version of the game is causing major freezing issues and the ' Red Ring of Death' for a minority of consoles. A thread which is running over on reveals the full extent of the problem.

" If you guys actually read and check Rockstar' s official GTA IV forums, you' ll find out that they are aware of the freezing problems for PS3 and 360. Their current workaround is: " Delete your saved game, and start over." " said one member.

Further investigation by another member lead to this:

" As it stands, there’s no fix. But we did some research and believe we have the answer as to why this is happening.

Rockstar, in their very finite wisdom designed the game to have no loading times. That’s great, except for the fact that GTA IV now overloads the cache and causes a lock-up (freeze). So now, instead of saving load times and providing a seamless experience, Rockstar has forced some machines to crash while attempting to load from the cache.

The solution: Rockstar needs to release a patch that limits the strain on the RAM right out of the gate. Can they even do this? Who knows? They haven’t managed to make a game that doesn’t freeze in two years. Unless you count the mega epic “Table Tennis”."

Another member has reported other issues with the game as well: " Im having a freezing issue but another issue aswell. When I put the game in my disk stops spinning, makes scratching noises, and then works for 5 mins or freezes right away. Ive replaced the disk 2 times now and each disk has the same problems. But its just GTA not any other disk i have. This happening to anyone else?"

I thought my faulty drive was responsible for the problems I was experiencing, but I fall distinctly under one of the categories they mention in the article. Anybody else here?
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RE: Is GTAIV Locking Up Boxes? - Jun 04, 2008 00:31
I had the freezing problem, and it happened a lot, probably after every second completed mission. As soon as I would complete the mission, it would try to load the next mission and the game would freeze.

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RE: Is GTAIV Locking Up Boxes? - Jun 04, 2008 00:38
It all kicked off on GAF the day of release, mostly PS3' s.

They' re since released a patch and it appears to have fixed the problems for the PS3 users.

I haven' t experienced any freezes or crashes myself. This is one of the reason why i bought the PS3 version. I figured the Xbox 360 version was more risky.

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RE: Is GTAIV Locking Up Boxes? - Jun 04, 2008 00:40
Has the patch resolved the multiplayer issues as well?

I have GTA on the 360 and have a couple of freezes and also some stuttering, but I cleared the cache down and it seems to be ok now.

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RE: Is GTAIV Locking Up Boxes? - Jun 04, 2008 00:50
I think I encountered once freeze during GTA and that was while ordering a burger to refill my health. The game itself didn' t freeze as characters were still walking around but Niko and the cashier were locked up, they just wouldn' t move even after a few minutes so I had to restart. That was my only problem.
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RE: Is GTAIV Locking Up Boxes? - Jun 04, 2008 01:12

Original: Nitro
They' re since released a patch and it appears to have fixed the problems for the PS3 users.

Didn' t that just fix the PS3 multiplayer problems?(Or some of them)

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RE: Is GTAIV Locking Up Boxes? - Jun 04, 2008 03:16
It' s only frozen once for me. Forget a patch for this crap, how about they patch the sloppy-ass controls for once in their goddam careers! Perfect 10, thanks a lot game " journalists."

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RE: Is GTAIV Locking Up Boxes? - Jun 04, 2008 07:35
I haven' t had and problems out o my copy, but I have two friends who had a problem where they put in the game and it came out with cuts the size of the San Andreas fault.