Activision Applies for DJ Hero Trademark

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Activision Applies for DJ Hero Trademark - Feb 16, 2008 05:07

Activision has been hitting it big with the Guitar Hero franchise, and we know it' s looking to expand what it can do with the series. I don' t think anyone is going to be surprised by this next bit of news: on February 8 Activision filed to trademark the name DJ Hero.

The trademark refers to " computer game software and related instruction manual sold together as a unit; interactive video game programs; computer game discs; downloadable software for use in connection with computer games; video game controllers; interactive video game comprised of a CD or DVD sold as a unit with a video game controller." It looks like your guitar is going to get a friend.

This isn' t a new idea; Beatmania has been around for quite a while. Of course, Guitar Hero is simply a refined version of Guitar Freaks, so this won' t be the first time Red Octane and Activision mine an area Konami has had some success in. There is no other information at this time, but it shouldn' t be that difficult to adjust the Guitar Hero formula to a DJ set up.

We' ll be watching for more information, but it' s safe to say that this is the last Hero game we' ll be hearing about.

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RE: Activision Applies for DJ Hero Trademark - Feb 16, 2008 12:19
Sounds more promissing than Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

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RE: Activision Applies for DJ Hero Trademark - Feb 16, 2008 18:42
Beatmania was awesome.