Fake PSP shocking gimmick

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Fake PSP shocking gimmick - Jan 01, 2008 02:09

Buy a regular PSP and the only shock you' ll get is how little time you spend actually playing games on the thing. But buy one of these PSPs, and you' ll get shocked. For reals! Imaginatively called the " Shock Your Friend PSP Console" , sure, it doesn' t look exactly like a real PSP. Course, real PSPs don' t, as far as we' re aware,


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RE: Fake PSP shocking gimmick - Jan 01, 2008 07:06
They should take this to the " PSP sales thread" so emofag and Nitro see which one is the best PSP

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RE: Fake PSP shocking gimmick - Jan 05, 2008 07:20
If your friend can' t tell the difference between this and a real PSP, run two wires, one on each contact directly to your nearest power outlet, and give it to him, because he does not deserve to live.