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Jack Keane (PC) - Dec 28, 2007 20:56
I just noticed the game when browsing gamerankings and I checked it up on IGN.
IGN preview
gamespot preview
There' s even a review (gameboomers wtf is that?)
I' ve never been into point and click games, because I' ve barely tried any, but this seems like a fun one. Has anyone been following the development of this title or do you have any idea of how it might turn out? It' s out next year so there' s plenty of time to investigate before a possible purchase.
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RE: Jack Keane (PC) - Dec 28, 2007 21:13
It looks nice, im more keen on Vampire Story though, which seems very cool! im glad the genre is getting a revival. I want to play Sam and Max but i ´havent gotten around to it yet!

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RE: Jack Keane (PC) - Dec 28, 2007 21:22
funny,the only review out gave it 95% and its by a unknown site.

talk about paying the media...
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RE: Jack Keane (PC) - Dec 30, 2007 07:23
Sam and Max!

Best response after talking with a Secret Service agent in the game:

" Doggy daddy, this is loose cannon. Request permission to pants this goon, over." -Max talking to Sam
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RE: Jack Keane (PC) - Jan 01, 2008 06:39
Sam and Max is great. I still remember how much fun I had playing Hit the Road a couple of years back. Great stuff.