Russia continuing to arm Venezuela

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Russia continuing to arm Venezuela - Jun 15, 2007 23:26
First they sold them 55 of the aging MI-17...

Then they sold them 100,000 AK' s...

Then they sold them 24 SU-30' s...

Now they' re selling them 5 Project 636 submarines...

And they' re planning to sell them 4 (literally, like launched in 2004) state-of-the-art Project 677 submarines...


But America, who have already imposed unlawful sanctions on Russian arms companies Sukhoi and Rosoboronexport forbidding them from supplying US firms after accusing them of supplying Iran with military equipment after the Venezuela/SU-30 deal was announced, ...are accusing Venezuela of seeking to upset the military stability in South America.

Should only western nations like America be allowed to supply people with arms? Will Russia take any steps against the US if they continue to antagonize them? They are afterall planning to place US controlled Interceptor missiles and radar stations in Poland and the Czech Republic, a move that has already provoked Russia into threatening to point it' s Nuclear arsenal at Mainland Europe and could easily lead to a new arms race between Russia and the US.

Team America: World Police was funny, but the reality behind it is just plain scary.

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RE: Russia continuing to arm Venezuela - Jun 15, 2007 23:35
I hate our nuclear arms policy. It sounds really really dumb too when you take out all of the filler and look at it in its base form.

" Hey! You can' t have nuclear missles! We can' t control what you' ll do with them! We know we won' t do anything bad though, so we get to keep ours."

I don' t necessarily support providing nations previously unarmed with weapons of any kind, (As much of a personal-firearms proponent as I am, I don' t see any reason to send weapons where they weren' t already.) but America' s been overstepping it' s bounds for too long. There' s always been a certain sort of arrogance to our foreign policy, believing that we' re the only ones who are responsible enough to have anything dangerous, & I' m getting tired of it.

By the way, I' ve never seen Team America. It' s been on my list for a while, but I haven' t had time with exams being as ridiculous as they are. It' s good then?

Edit: Since when do the Venezuelans with the AKs look Asian?
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RE: Russia continuing to arm Venezuela - Jun 16, 2007 00:13
I agree our foriegn policy is f***ed up but I still don' t think that other countries should arm just anybody.

I think it' s been a problem for a long time because we(as in all the governments of the world) want to make sure that other coumtries aren' t going to come over and bomb them or whatever. But we can' t find anyone to control the production and distribution of weapons because we can' t find anyone neutral enough to not use it against us.

So the US decided that they should try and deal with the problem but as is obvious that' s just not going to work because of course they' re using it to their advantage.

Overall it' s a lose lose situation.